Richard M. Stolee LMFT the Right Family Therapist in Palo Alto CA

 Richard M. Stolee LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist in Palo Alto, CA.

He  has over 30  years experience in individual, family counseling and couple therapy. He realizes you have many choices in selecting a psychotherapist and he is pleased to have your consideration. Choosing a counselor can be an intimidating process. There are talented skilled and qualified marriage counselors in Palo Alto, CA. The challenge is finding the right therapist for you.  He will explain his approach to individual, family, and couples therapy and help you make the right decision.

Richard M. Stolee LMFT has extensive experience as a couples therapist in Palo Alto, CA. Richard Stolee has helped many couples and individual clients grow, change their lives and relationships. Finding a good couples therapist may seems a hard task but Richard Stolee will answer your questions giving you the information you need so you can be sure that he is the person you can trust.

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We provide you professional couple therapies. Richard M. Stolee LMFT goal is to make all of his clients feel secure and at ease in therapy.  He offers an honest and open approach to insight and healing. All of his clients describe his as a true to life, kind and easy to talk to therapist. However, they know he will challenge them to look beyond their emotional comfort zones to find meaning and satisfaction in their lives.

No matter what situation you are in with your family relationships, no matter how desperate things might seem, no matter what has happened, your relationship can experience healing. . You should know that if your relationship is in a place of hurt or pain, you are not alone. Richard M. Stolee LMFT lives in times when many families need counseling.

Relationship Problems are something normal!

First, our team congratulates you on taking the first step to finding a family counselor. If you are reading this more intent, then you are thinking about making changes in your marriage relationship. Our family counselors, every year, help hundreds of families and couples from Palo Alto, CA. Many of our couples are some of the top thinkers in the country who trust their family counseling or couple therapy, to be provided by Richard M. Stolee LMFT.

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Check our professional family counseling in Palo AltoOur psychotherapists are focused on your marriage goals. From the first phone call, to the first time you visit our office, you are always respected and treated with expert care. You want an experienced marriage psychotherapist who will produce results for you and your loved one, you want a happy family relationship, which is better than the day you were first married. We want you to find the help and healing your family needs. Turn to an experienced family therapist to help you turn back your life to it’s normal state.

You have made it this far, let our psychotherapist take you from this point, until your marriage is where you want it to be, until you have reached your relationship goals.

photo-04Couple therapy is a excellent way to start meaningful conversations with your partner. Maybe your relationship needs to be tweaked in a way that will satisfy both you and your loved one and you need some help with that. Couple distress is the single most common reason for seeking therapy. Couple counselor can help you  focus on the emotional bond, connection and security between partners.

The way our company see the situation is: You worked up the motivation and courage to begin family counseling or couple therapy, the least we can do is help you and your loved on to receive your first marriage counseling session right away.

Our family counselor knows this is just the beginning of your life changing therapy.

Call us today and schedule your first marriage counseling session.

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Marriage therapy is never simple. This is why I was glad the team at Richard M. Stolee LMFT was by our side. You really saved our marriage.

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