Working With a Couples Counselor to Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Looking for a reliable couples counselor in Palo Alto, CA,? Look no further!

With extensive experience as a couples counselor, Richard M. Stolee LMFT is the therapist you can turn to when your relationship needs a little support. As a licensed therapist, he has helped his customers by providing individual, couples, and family therapy. He is fully committed to helping clients who are struggling to cope with problems. He works with clients who live in Palo Alto, CA, and he offers his therapy programs at affordable rates.

Couples therapy can sound scary, but it is actually very helpful to clients who are in a romantic relationship. These therapy sessions are completely confidential. During a session, it will just be the clients and the couples counselor. When you book an appointment, you will have your initial session. Here you will discuss what led you to seek therapy, what you want to improve, and what the common issues are in your relationship.

Therapy sessions can be helpful not only for those who are going through a rough patch but also for couples who are in a relationship that has become stagnant. The purpose of therapy is to have both partners in a room with a mediator or facilitator who is unbiased and will give non-judgmental advice. Counseling sessions will put you and your partner on the same page, and even if you do not agree on everything, at least you won’t argue about recurring issues. The therapist will not side with one person, but they will teach you ways to improve your way of communicating so that talking does not escalate to a fight.

Come to Richard M. Stolee LMFT, and you can benefit from the expertise of a couples counselor with years of experience. Over the years, he has helped couples going through different problems. Working with a qualified counselor is just one way you can ensure that you have a happy and healthy relationship. He caters to clients in the Palo Alto, CA area. To learn more about his therapy, please call (650) 326-8930